Fall is my FAVE!

Fall is my favorite season. It’s still warm here in southern California, but the crazy fast-paced summer vibe slows down and the city turns back into the sleepy beach town we all love. The kids are back in school, but they also are able to run down to the beach afterwards, and dive under a few waves. I pulled theses designs together inspired by early fall …lingering summer days. The sun sets earlier, but in even more amazing pink hues, and the succulents start to perk back up after the scorching summer heat. The flamingos?… yeah, I just liked them, they definitely are not wandering around Southern California. (They do kind of remind me of my teenage girls, milling about in a group with their friends). If you want to see more of my seasonal collections, sign-up for my emails… don’t worry, I don’t send too many.